Phnom Penh Airport – Transport to and from Sihanoukville

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, March 2016. There’s plenty of public transport between Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville and it all passes close to the airport. There’s no need to succumb to the Tuk Tuk mafia and take that overpriced ride into downtown first, now visitors can hop onto a local bus to connect with the bigger intercity transport down to Sihanoukville and here’s how to do it.

  1. Once through immigration, leave the airport and make tracks for the main road outside. Don’t stop at the information desk, they’r allied to the tuk tuk and taxi drivers and wont know anything about public transport to Phnom Penh. Bypass the Tuk Tuk and taxi mafia waiting just outside the terminal, they’ll tell all manner of lies! (based on personal experience).
  2. Once outside, cross the main road and look for a bus shelter – its quite new and noticeable. Its situated almost opposite the new departure terminal.
  3. When the public bus rolls up, wave to stop it. it’ll have a number 3 circled.
  4. Pay 1500 Riel for the ride down to the last stop on that route – Choam Chao. Buy something like a bottle of water to get small change – the bus needs exact money. There’s a stand outside the airport where a bottle of water should cost 1000 Riel. Give $1 and get 3000 Riel back.
  5. On the opposite side of the giant Choam Chao roundabout there’s a guy,sometimes a lady, selling bus tickets outside a shop. Cross the roads, but be careful! It should be $6-8 down to Sihanoukville. Insist on that price, if not then they’ll overcharge considerably!  The trip will take around 4 1/2 to 5 hours with a stop, and a few more unscheduled stops.
  6. If all this is after 2 pm you might be out of luck as most of the transport south will have left Phnom Penh already.

Sihanoukville back to Phnom Penh Airport, well, its simply the above in reverse.

  1. Buy a ticket for $6.
  2. Make sure the bus driver knows he’s to stop at Choam Chao (Chom Chow). Get someone in Sihanoukville to write that name in Khmer so the driver won’t make any mistakes or forget to stop.The bus will stop just before the giant roundabout at around 1.15 pm.
  3. Walk a few meters further on and there will be the bus stand and hopefully bus number 3 will be waiting. If not, grab some lunch while waiting for it.
  4. Pay 1500 Riel and tell them you want the airport – thats it!
  5. Full of energy, then hike up to the airport. Should take around 25 minutes.



market pp

The Choam Choa Roundabout at the end of the runway, Phnom Penh Airport



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