Cambodian Town – Kampot

1/3 Kampot, Cambodia, March 2016. Kampot bears all the hallmarks of French influence, some 50 or so years after moving out of their colonized Cambodia. According to thousands of web pages the place is a sleepy little town, on a river near some hills and where plenty of backpackers like to hang out – which is rather odd because its doesn’t strike me as being a party spot, but then not all backpackers are party animals I guess! Anyway, time I dragged myself off the beach to go and take a look at some aspect of Cambodia that strikes out with a little more authenticity.

A day trip is easy to arrange from here in Victory Hill, Sihanoukville -$5 gets a seat on the Vietnam boarder run at 8 30 am and another $5 for a seat when it returns later picking up in Kampot at 3 30 pm. Its a mini-van, bit cramped full of big built, long legged westerners but at least the operators will do a round-up avoiding the need for a ride downtown first.

The highways are pretty good – Highway 4 is practically new, smooth then a right turn onto Highway 3, not as new but still a pretty good run and adequate for the little amount of traffic, with rush hours consisting of animals and school kids! Its also a good look at some rural life albeit from a moving van, but still an interesting view across those dry rice fields at the base of the hills.







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