Cambodian Islands

3.The Three Islands Day Trip, Back to Base, Sihanoukville, Cambodia, March 2016. Time to leave the tranquil settings of Koh Ta Kiev and head back to base via the third and last island of this little tour. its another private place where the waters are shallow enough for a spot of snorkeling and deep enough for those jumping off the top deck not to worry about hitting the rocks!

Suddenly the peace and tranquility is shattered with the arrival of that party boat. Boom Boom base, squealing and cheering as the vessel anchors just yards away from the day boats. Well, whatever they’re doing looks like its all good fun as their boat begins to list a little. Clearly under the influence of, well lets just say its not fresh air, they all line up and begin jumping overboard, oh dear! maybe its some sort of contest.

Its all over by 3 30 pm as the boat docks at serendipity harbour. Quite a good value trip as it turns out, a nice little sail around the Gulf of Thailand. Although they do a morning round up, they don’t drop back – its a $2 ride on the back of a scooter to finish it all off – ha, quite safely.

Its a daily boat trip costing $15. Round ups from 8 am for sailing at around 9 am arriving back 3 30 pm. They provide soft drinks and water. They don’t provide life jackets for everyone, sunscreen or beer. Tickets are sold everywhere! More about Koh Ta Kiev here.

A few snaps then of the final part of the three Islands tour





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