Cambodian Islands, Koh Ta Kiev

2.The Three Islands Day Trip, Koh Ta Kiev, Cambodia, March 2016. A very pleasant trip, passing by those little islands, sold off to Chinese and French construction companies, with the idea of making visitors pay a handsome price for a nights stay – yet another exclusively high-end development can be seen under construction.. Next stop then is the Island of Koh Ta Kiev, another island disposed of by the Cambodian government but as yet there is little evidence of any development thus day trippers and over-night visitors have permission to populate the western flank – good because that’s the side the breeze blows in from!

11 30 am and the boat anchors a few meters from the shore – quite a few meters actually, there appears to be no jetty! so three options to consider: Wait for the transfer boat (5 passengers at a time), wade to the beach  or if one is a shorty, swim for it! I’m going to wait for that little boat.

we are of course here with all those other tourists, but even so, the place has that deserted Island feel – white powder sand fronted by clear turquoise water and backed with thick jungle. There’s only a couple of hours here, and while the majority are pitching up on the sand, or stripping off for a dip, I take a hike south and grab some very scenic photos and hike back again, just in time for the lunch – barbecued Barracuda fish, rice and a good helping of tropical fruits.

No time to waste since the boat leaves at 1 30 pm. This time a stomp north to explore the other end of this western flank and a few more exotic island photos. Definitely has that dessert island feel with just a few accommodation sheds dotted on the edge of the jungle, just a few meters back from the sea. Just one bar/cafe on site, run by a British chap who seems to be in control of everything, even the cooking and making the coffee, with help from a couple of natives.. A very quiet and tranquil place, clearly not the party spot some backpackers on the boat might have been expecting, but more of total rest and recuperation – the ideal Serendipity come down destination. The place is so basic there isn’t any wifi, come to think of it I doubt there’s electricity here either yet! The phone signal may not be reliable either.Waste water go’s to a nearby swamp while garbage is piled up behind the scenes.

So, if lazing around in a hammock is your ideal downtime, grabbing a coffee or quiet beer and reading a good book then Koh Ta Kiev will hit the spot without a doubt. If partying is what your after, Koh Ta Kiev is not your place – yet!

Here is a flavour of Koh Ta Kiev, also known as Crusoe Island.



This article is still work in progress and continues on the next blog post 🙂


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