Cambodian Islands

1.The Three Islands Trip, Sihanoukville, Cambodia, March 2016: Adverts for boat trips are everywhere – every establishments has the ability to book a sea trip of some description. On offer then, a backpacker ferry for $5, a fast boat for $20, a party boat trip for $20 or a day trip to 3 islands for $15 which actually sounds pretty reasonable. – especially as lunch and soft drinks are included, as is a pick up from Victory Hill.

An early start then for the 3 islands trip and since the usual cafe isn’t open yet, breakfast has to be of the local variety from just around the corner – rice topped with barbecued pork, omelette and a small bowl of chicken soup all for $1. The round up transport arrives – a moped, let the fun begin.

The holding bay while waiting for the other round ups is a cafe – called ‘On the Rocks’,and they provide a free breakfast!. Eggs and toast, tea and a bottle of water, better take that with me. From here, just a 5 minute stomp to the harbor pier and a malaise of tourists waiting for boats. Google Map: 

One boat, 20 passengers and 15 life jackets – not an uncommon situation in Asia but thankfully I can swim reasonably well, the sea is calm and rescue wont be far away as there are a host of other boats taking the very same tour route it looks like! Tip: Bring just the minimum needed for a day trip, leave those unnecessary gadgets behind, just incase the boat sinks and you happen to survive!

 So here we are, on the gulf of Thailand heading towards the first Island where folks can jump, swim and snorkel for about 90 minutes before making way to Koh Ta Kiev Island. No access to this island – its private! so, if jumping off the boat or snorkeling  isn’t on the agenda for you, then relax and take some scenic photos.


This article is continued in the next blog entry 🙂


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