Cambodian Beaches – Serendipity

Serendipity Beach, Sihanoukville, Cambodia, March 2016. This is the beach of choice for those party animals – full on, Western tourist at a suffocating level.Serendipity is the beach closest to town and is where one can find a few of Cambodia’s bad boys and girls that comes associated with a party. So if boom boom base and booze is the name of the game then head here for a wonderful time. Personally I don’t have an extensive write up here since its not my scene – I’m just not the party dude I once was! I did however visit for an hour one afternoon whilst returning from a boat trip. Serendipity is also the harbor for numerous boat trips to the islands and of course the daily $20 party boat. The actual beach is pretty clean it has to be said, and a hike further along  will get life little less hectic as the area becomes Ochheuteal Beach. Its quite a hike though but it just could be that hangover cure you need before hiking back to the next party session! Even further along is Otres, much the same as Serendipity but with more of a rustic feel. Its a long way from town though so visitors will need transport – tuk tuk, moto or hire a scooter all adding cost to ones budget trip to Cambodia!

So, Serendipity is clearly where all the action is to be found, on the beach and in the side tracks where Western old-timers with faded tattoos can be observed observing you! A more comprehensive look at Serendipity with differing views can be found here on Travelfish.

So to get a flavour of the scene around here I’ve taken a few snaps:  Google Map



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