Cambodian Beaches – Lomherkay



Lomherkay Beach, Sihanoukville, Cambodia, March 2016 .Despite the increased development around here, Sihanoukville’s beaches have remained intact and accessible. Undoubtedly though the long term plans is to privatise those stretches fronting the upcoming new developments but for now (2016) visitors can still enjoy the clean, fine, powdery sand and a dip in the beautifully warm light blue sea. Their rustic character maintained – hammocks swaying, palm thatched shacks serving as cafes all nestled within the natural line of trees. Pretty sparsely populated though especially weekdays when one can relax to the sound of waves lapping just a few yards away and watch the little fishing boats coming and going from the nearby port. So, for a rustic, quiet getaway then this is the beach to choose. Situated next to the giant Emario complex and an easy hike from Victory Hill – around 20 minutes at a brisk pace. It may be rustic, but for a nice modern touch there’s wifi at the White Rabbit Cafe and when us beach loungers need a stretch, just wander along to the Emario’s private beach and enjoy watching the Chinese playing in that white powdery sand – it may be a private beach but there’s no restrictions on non residents yet! Here’s a google map link to Lomherkay

Views from Lomherkay Beach at golden hour.



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