Cambodian Beaches – Independence

Independence Beach, Sihanoukville, Cambodia March 2016 – 31 c and breezy. As an independent solo traveler looking for quiet and cool, this is my pick of Cambodia’s beaches. Its mid March and the number of white tourists diminishes while domestic tourists, especially weekenders flock in to give visitors like me an insight into natives enjoying beach time.While there are only a few shacks here, the offerings are pretty good and comprehensive – and it all comes with fast Wifi. And because its relatively quiet compared to other beaches nearer town, there is minimal pestering from beach sellers – massage, foot cleaning, sunglasses and bracelets. The ladies selling cooked lobster and barbecued squid should be treated with caution – they may not be the freshest of products around here often prepared in unhygienic conditions. I am of course referring to the fish, not the ladies! From spending many hours here, I have observed the stuff festering in hot sunshine all day and with flies taking their share , I would never eat seafood from casual sellers.

The sea here is warm, very warm actually and swimmers will need to wade  out a few meters to find cool water. The beach its self is narrow with the water often lapping at the sunbeds by the sea wall, but at least the beach is cleaned and quite regularly and so coupled with that nice cooling breeze its quite easy to  spend the day here doing absolutely nothing! The price of food here is pretty steep – expect to pay $3.50 and up . You could do what the natives do and bring a picnic, then all you need is to buy a few drinks!

At the other end of the beach there is the high priced, posh, Independence hotel with its ultra private and super clean beach – the riff-raff are kept firmly out! But on the positive side, those security guards will let random visitors onto the Independence pier..

These Images all taken from Independence beach area: Google Map




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